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Fluke Finder with or without jig

Line: 20″@30#

Jig options:  1 oz or .75 oz

Fluke Finder

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Fluke Finder with or without jig  flounder rig 300x266 1

Double your fun with our hand-tied Fluke Finder – a favorite with kayak, boat, and shore fishermen alike. The standard Fluke Finder is ~20” long rig made with 30# fluorocarbon line and two “hook” options – a dropper line with a snap for weight and depth options and a bladed trailing hook to provide fish-attracting flash.

The dropper line with snap allows for many options to match the water conditions: 1) an unweighted hook to attach bait – squid or belly strip, killie, artificial bait, etc. in shallow or slow-moving water, or when a higher presentation is preferred, 2) a weighted jig excels in deeper water or faster moving tides, when a longer cast is warranted, or to create a puff of sand from bouncing off the bottom.

The trailing hook with beads and flasher blade will certainly attract the attention of game fish in clear and murky water, through vibration, flash, and any number of live or scented bait options.

Fluorocarbon line is the “unseen” plus for those days when the fish are a bit more tight lipped. The combination of two “hook” options and fluorocarbon line will assure you can effectively cover every condition and type of water.

The Fluke Finder is a must for every trip and available with or without a weighted jig. High-quality jigs are available, in white, sizes are ¾ oz and 1 oz. Or better yet, purchase several Fluke Finders to outfit multiple rods and be prepared for any water conditions and a great day of catching!

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .5 in
Jig Size

.75oz, 1oz, w/o jig


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