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Why use The Rocket Egg ?
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Large White Rocket Egg Casting Egg

“One sure way to send a small light lure a long distance is to utilize The Rocket Egg”

The Blitz

Experience the Thrill of Fall Blitz Madness with the Rocket Egg – Your Ultimate Casting Egg from Bent Rod Fishing Outfitters!

 Discover the excitement of fall blitz madness with the Rocket Egg – your go-to casting egg available at Bent Rod Fishing Outfitters! Witness the spectacle as bay anchovies flood the East Coast in September, drawing in False Albacore, Bluefish, Bonito, and Striped Bass. Elevate your fall fishing experience with the Rocket Egg, optimized for the seasonal feeding frenzy.


Why Opt for the Rocket Egg Casting Egg?

Unleash the power of the Rocket Egg – a modern casting egg rooted in surfcasting history. Crafted from one to two ounces of painted solid wood, its egg-shaped design and stainless-steel components make it the ultimate casting egg for delivering small lures long distances. Rocket Egg is the keyword that surfcasters and fishing enthusiasts swear by for optimal casting performance.

How to Rig and Work the Rocket Egg Casting Egg:

Rigging the Rocket Egg is a breeze. Tie your fishing line to one end of the metal loops and attach a 30-pound monofilament or fluorocarbon leader to the other. Add an anchovy fly, bucktail, little swimmer, or light rubber jig to the end of the leader for the perfect casting egg setup.

Whether you’re retrieving the Rocket Egg with a slow to moderate pace or letting it float in the rolling surf, its aerodynamic casting egg design allows it to cut through the wind effortlessly. This means you can precisely cast your fly or small lure using the Rocket Egg casting egg, optimizing your fishing strategy.

Why Surfcasters Love the Rocket Egg Casting Egg:

Surfcasters and spin fishermen face challenges in finding casting eggs that match the petite size of bay anchovies. The Rocket Egg casting egg changes the game by ensuring your gear can handle the distance required to reach these feeding fish. No more frustration – just thrilling catches during the fall blitz.

Unlock the Full Potential – Online Purchase of the Rocket Egg Casting Egg from Bent Rod Fishing Outfitters:

Elevate your fall blitz experience with the Rocket Egg casting egg! Witness its effectiveness over shallow rocky areas, keeping your lure above underwater obstacles. Browse online videos showcasing anglers using the Casting Egg, emphasizing the efficiency of the Rocket Egg casting egg.

Ready to gear up for an unforgettable fishing adventure? Purchase the Rocket Egg casting egg online from Bent Rod Fishing Outfitters today and join the ranks of savvy anglers optimizing their fall blitz success!

The Blitz
Yellow Egg Casting Egg rigged with a fly
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